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Shipping Policy

Once an order is placed, we will start shipping our products from our affiliate boutiques in Europe. All our products are imported goods from our boutiques, which will be shipped to The Bloor’s shipping and receiving center via our courier partners DHL, UPS, FedEx, Canpar, and etc…  

Since all products are imported, estimated shipping from Europe boutique to The Bloor is 7-9 business days. It will take 1-2 business days at The Bloor’s receiving center for quality check and will be shipped out to your door.

EU to The Bloor's Receiving Center

EU to Canada  7-9 Business Days


Processing Time

Quality Check at The Bloor 1-2 Business Days


Canadian customers will receive shipment 1-3 business days and some locations in YT, PE  will take 5-7 business days, All receiving dates are estimated duration, it might take longer due to weather conditions. 

Delivery Average Estimated Time from Canada to Canada

ON Ontario  1-2 Business Days
QC Qeubec  1-2 Business Days 
AB Alberta  3-4 Business Days
BC British Columbia  3-4 Business Days
NS Nova Scotia  2-3 Business Days
NB New Bronswick  2-3 Business Days
SK Saskatoon 3-4 Business Days
YT and PE   5-7 Business Days


Customers in the States will receive shipment 3-5 b-usiness days from shipping out from The Bloor’s shipping center. Some locations in HI or AK will take 7-10 business days after shipping out from The Bloor’s Shipping center. All receiving dates are estimated, it might take longer due to the weather conditions. 

Delivery Average Estimated Time from U.S. to U.S.

Eastern States  2-5 Business Days
Western Sates  3-6 Business Days 
Mid West States  3-6 Business Days 
Southern Sates  3-6 Business Days 
HI & AK  7-10 Business Days 


Shipment labeled “Express Shipping” will be shipped out immediately from our shipping center in Toronto Canada. 

Tracking Shipping

Once shipment arrives at The Bloor’s shipping/receiving center and after quality check, we will update your shipment’s tracking details once our courier partners acknowledge orders. 

Tracking details will be available at My Account page and also will be received by registered email. 


All our products are insured with The Bloor’s premium. Any damages on shipment during transit will be covered. However, any damages at fault will not be covered and The Bloor will not be responsible for any damages at fault. 

Accepting Delivery 

Our courier will contact you prior to delivery, all recipients will be required to sign on POD (Proof of Delivery). Before signing on POD, if you visually see any damages on the shipping box, please check the products inside and sign POD. If you found any damages on products, please sign DAMAGE on POD. 

If recipients sign POD that’s not the person who purchased and found damages on the products, please contact us at Contact Page with picture evidence. We will take an immediate return process  once confirmed. 

If the receiving address has a concierge or front desk, our courier partner will deliver the package to the staff members. 

During inspection, if you find any damages or missing items, please submit a return/refund application. You may follow instructions on our Return Policy or feel free to contact us if it is hard to follow. 

Any claims must be submitted within 3 business days after receiving the shipment in respect of the Return Policy. 

Failure to provide the correct contact number or proper delivery address causing multiple re-attempt or return shipment might occur extra charges will be delivered to you at the recipient's expense. 

If shipment is labeled “Duty Excluded”, our courier partner will clear customs and if any import duties occur, you will be responsible to pay duties prior delivery. Fail to pay or reject to pay import duties, shipment will not be delivered to your door until payments are cleared. If any storage charges occurred, due to the late payment or refusal to pay import duties, we will not be responsible for any extra charges that occur.       .  

Import Items

Since some of our products are shipped from our affiliated boutiques in Europe. Congestions, Holidays in Europe, Holidays in Canada, and severe weather conditions may affect shipping duration. The Bloor will do our best to deliver your purchased goods fast and conveniently to your door.